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($5.99 download) - physical cd releasenext week!

after nearly two years since the release of their debut album 1.0, cluster balm has unveiled their sophomore effort, entitled instamatic.

as with all of cluster balm's work, the music hovers near dark ambient territory, with the occasional splash of pure light for contrast, and combines innovative sound design with a unique orthogonal view of musicality. the sounds range from the lush and delightful strains of red vinyl to the darker but still musical young hyson and root, all the way to the powerful pure-dark imagery of giving thanks.

cluster balm - 1.0 (us$11.99)

the eagerly awaited first release from cluster balm is now available! this is an extraordinary two-disc collection of exotic ambient music, which runs the gamut between tribal, dark, abstract, and experimental. produced by three musicians with distinctively different styles, this album is a remarkable fusion of approaches. we promise you've heard nothing else like it. nearly two and half hours of ambient bliss awaits - get yours now!

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