not your average hippy

chilled out ambient music. deeply textural and atmospheric. not your average hippy (nyah) music is the music that sets your soul free from the day to day stress and annoyances and lets your mind relax. put on the headphones and close out the voices, honking horns, and general negativity. n.y.a.h. covers a lot of ground within the ambient realm. from extremely dark to serene to laid back and chill but it is all ambient and all beat-free.

check out the not your average hippy free download shoes on the road. this song is currently available no where else and if you ask me, it is damn good.

people who have seen previews of the n.y.a.h. art work and those who have bought the ep have been asking for some wallpaper - expect this real soon.

free downloads available on:

streaming and original nyah artwork available on:
-changing the way we listen to music-

listen to the unreleased sunset dawn by n.y.a.h.

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