Greetings and welcome to the site.

My name is scott turner and I am the guy that runs lofat productions.

I started lofat productions in 1995 as a booking agent for a friend's band. The name originally came from my old tag back in the day, which morphed into a nickname and eventually to a company name. About a year later I found myself with several musical projects going and I needed an umbrella to put all of them under and lofat productions was the 'label' that I formed to serve that purpose.

Initially I released material from lofat rhythm syndicate and slow children. Later home to n.y.a.h., electronatomic, and special class as well as some other one off stuff here and there. n.y.a.h. and cluster balm both came to be signed on to blue water records, which is a terrific label. At that point I decided to change the focus of lofat productions from a label to more of a source for original music and voice talent with quick turn around time and great pricing.

Lofat productions works in the realm of ambient, environmental soundscapes, industrial, abstract/experimental, drum and bass, downtempo, trip hop, hip hop, dance, remixes, instrumentals, commercials, promos, voice over, and narration. We specialize in dark and moody soundscapes of any length. i especially encourage film folks making horror or sci-fi to drop me a line.

Below are some of my personal musical projects - all of which you can find more info about by clicking the music tab or purchase releases by clicking on the merch tab.

not your average hippy - ambient // dark ambient // atmospheric // environmental // soundscape

cluster balm (with darrell and jason) - ambient // dark ambient // tribal ambient // environmental // world

lofat rhythm syndicate - downtempo // dnb // trip hop // breakbeat // glitch

electronatomic - experimental // abstract // glitch

slowchildren - punk rock // hard core // death metal

I also host Organbient Radio every Friday at 8:00 PM pacific, 11:00 eastern, and 05:GMT Sat. (for the kids on the other side of the pond) on I encourage you to tune in and chill out for four hours as I spin some of the absolute best ambient music anywhere. Check it out.